Using Your Car to Move House – Things to Consider

Two people packing moving boxes into a car, representing using your car to move house.

Using your car to move house – things to consider

When people see the cost of hiring professionals, they often consider whether moving on their own is a better option. If you have the time and the energy to spare and have someone help you with more oversized items, you can manage to have a reasonably decent relocation. And, more often than not, this means that you’ll be using your car to move house. But, while this may seem like a straightforward decision, you must keep some important aspects in mind.

Questions to ask before using your car to move house

Not every move is suitable for a DIY attempt. Even if it seems that you have a large vehicle, ample prior experience, and the necessary relocation tools, some relocations are simply too complicated. Yes, they may seem straightforward when you plan them out. But, the more complex a move is, the more things there are that can go wrong. So, before you tackle your relocation with the confidence brought by lack of research, first consider the following questions.

Where are you moving to?

If you are moving your home long-distance, using your car for transport is pretty much out of the question. While you will probably use your car to drive yourself to your new destination, you cannot expect to move all of your items.

Remember, we are talking about a complete home relocation here. If you were hiring movers to help you, they would probably use a truck, or maybe even two, depending on the volume of your items. Whatever the case may be, you cannot possibly hope to relocate all those items by car. The process of doing so would take you multiple back-to-back trips. And by the end, the cost of fuel alone would outweigh the cost of hiring movers. Add to this the time spent driving long-distance and unloading items on your own, and you will soon see why using a car to relocate to a long-distance home is a bad idea.

If, on the other hand, you are moving somewhere local, you can consider using your car. If the drive between your current home and the home you are moving to is less than 30 minutes, you can hope to relocate within a weekend. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you study the road carefully and consider how arduous it will be to reload and unload your car multiple times.

What kind of car do you own?

The type of your car pretty much dictates whether or not you’ll be able to use it for relocation. A small city car may be practical to park. But, it is far from ideal for relocation. A good family caravan, or even better a pickup, is the car you are looking for when it comes to moving. It needs to be strong enough to haul your items, as in certain instances, they can weigh quite a bit. And it needs to be spacious enough so that you don’t have to take too many trips.

Now, theoretically, you can use a small car to relocate. But, this is only if you are dealing with a relatively small move. Here, you may be able to properly pack your items and ensure safe relocation. But, even if it is a small move, it still needs to be local if using your car is going to be cost-efficient. Sometimes hiring experts makes sense, even if you feel that you have the necessary tools to tackle your relocation.

What about packing?

Proper packing is essential for any relocation. Whether you are relocating down the street or you are moving to a new state, it is paramount that you pack your belongings properly. Unfortunately, when people decide to DIY their relocation, packing is usually subpar. Even if they follow a detailed guide, there are simply too many aspects to keep in mind if you are a rookie. For instance, if you pack your belongings too early, you will force yourself to live surrounded by boxes. But, if you start packing too late, you will significantly add to your moving stress. Furthermore, it is just as important to prepare your car for moving as it is to prepare your items. So, all in all, there is a lot to keep in mind.

Here, again, you can make your relocation a whole lot easier by having your movers pack your items for you. Most moving companies usually offer a discount when you get both their packing and transport services. Once you consider that you not only have to pack your items but also get all the necessary packing supplies, this starts to sound like a good idea.

What happens if something goes wrong?

The one thing that people often forget to factor in when deciding whether to use their car for relocation is what happens if something goes wrong. In the case of working with a moving company, the answer to this question is pretty simple. If you have proper coverage, the company will pay for damages. But, if you are moving on your own, you and you alone are to blame if something goes amiss.

Keep in mind that it is not just your items that can get damaged. If you pack poorly or drive carelessly, your car can easily suffer substantial damage. And, while we are more than happy to provide you with car detailing, here we are talking about something entirely different.

You can also rent cars for your safe transportation from explore rental.

Final thoughts

Using your car to move house can be a viable solution. But, you need to have the right vehicle. You need to know how to prepare both it and your items for relocation. Also, you need the time and energy to tackle your relocation with due care. And you need your new home to be nearby. Anything besides that, and you are better off simply hiring professional movers and sparing yourself the trouble of a DIY move.


How to Prepare Your Car Before You Move

Car that makes you wonders how to prepare your car before you move

Your car is one thing you may overlook during the relocation process. Unless you want to sell your car or employ a car transportation service, your vehicle must accompany you whether you’re relocating long distances or just across the street. You must rely on it to do errands and arrive at your new house. Car problems are the last thing you need at this stressful time. So, follow these tips on how to prepare your car before you move!

Consider the best option for transporting your car.

Depending on how far you are relocating, you’ll have a few options for transporting your car. It will also impact how you will prepare your vehicle for the trip. If you are moving a shorter distance, you can utilize it to transport some of your belongings. Your moving costs will be lower if your movers have fewer items to move.

However, if you’re moving across the country, you have the option of allowing the movers to transport your car or arranging for handlers or shippers to transport it for you. This option is advantageous since it will enable you to save money on petrol while also requiring no effort to drive the car from one state to another. When hiring a moving company to assist you with the procedure, look for one that has a closed truck to transport your vehicle to its new location.

Replacing parts

Windshield wipers are one of the most often utilized parts of your vehicle. Most people wait until their windshield is smeared and their view is obstructed before replacing them. Replace the windshield wiper fluid as well as your wipers. It’s not ideal to be stranded on the side of the road when you should be moving. Also, check if your vehicle battery, as well as the batteries in your car fob, need replacing before you move. If you are going to use your car for the move, it has to be fully functional.

Inspection is necessary when you prepare your car before you move

Checking the coolant, power steering, and brake fluids in your car could save you from unpleasant situations, such as getting stuck in the middle of the road. Also, inspect your air filter and tire condition, particularly tire pressure, which you can quickly adjust. Tires that are sturdy and adequately inflated will transport you to your new home securely and swiftly.

It is critical to inspect your car to see whether or not there are any faulty parts. Remember that you never want to be stressed by your car breaking down on the way to your next location. The same is true if you’re going to include your car on the list of things that the movers must transport on moving day. Together with your movers, check the vehicle for dents and scratches. You don’t want to blame the moving company for damages that may have existed before the relocation. It is one of the most important things when you want to prepare your car before you move.

Update your car supplies

No matter how far you go, making sure you have adequate supplies in your car to guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip is critical. While on the road, a first aid kit with the most common medical equipment and lots of Band-Aids will save you a trip to the pharmacy or bargain store. Jumper cables, a blanket, and an umbrella should be in your car at all times. Again, you don’t want to be stranded on the highway, forcing your moving company to wait for you to begin unloading.

Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car before you move gives you extra room to store stuff like essential papers or cleaning supplies that you don’t want in storage or on the moving truck. It would be best if you also got your car detailed for extra shine and protection. It will remove all the rubbish from the inside of your vehicle. Think of it like this, a clean car will add to the first impression your neighbors get of you.

Is there anything you can fix?

Although your moving costs may be high, taking care of minor repairs before they become serious is essential. That will provide you peace of mind and assure smooth driving. Allow adequate time for repairs to be scheduled and done.

Hiring a professional moving company

If you are moving long-distance, it’s critical to hire a reputable moving company. It is especially true if you will need your car transported. You have to ensure you can trust the people who will help with the transfer to another city. If you undertake thorough research, you will reduce your chances of being a victim of a moving scam and minimize the chances of any damage to your property. Don’t hire movers who have poor or no reviews.

It would help if you had movers by your side because they know how to handle valuable items and specialty items, such as cars. They have been trained and have all of the necessary equipment. Also, hiring movers may save you money, believe it or not, because you won’t have to acquire any pricey tools. Even though movers are costly, they are well worth the investment, especially when dealing with things like cars.

Hire a car mover

If you don’t plan on driving it, you’ll require the services of an auto transport company. Your movers may offer such a service, or they can refer you to the company that does. Keep in mind that while the company will transfer your vehicle to your new city, it will not drive it to your new residence and park it in front of it. Your automobile will be in your new city but in the regional auto transportation depot.

If you want to prepare your car before you move, you have to inspect it thoroughly and see if any repairs are necessary. It is critical both if you will be driving your car to your new home and if you will have it transported by a company.


6 Tips for Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready

A red car toy on the United States map, symbolizing tips for getting your vehicle road trip ready.

There is nothing as exciting as a road trip! It is the perfect get away from your daily activities and an opportunity for an adventure. It’s incredible when you get the chance to build long-lasting memories; however, many things can ruin your trip if you are not careful. The number one thing on that list is car trouble. Car safety is imperative, so let’s look at these 6 Tips for Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready!

1. Car detailing is a must!

Cleaning the car before a road trip is vital for two reasons. First, the aesthetic part. Why would you drive a dirty car? Even though the condition is not terrible, you will feel better once you clean it thoroughly. It will feel fresh and new. Second, it is unsafe to drive with a dirty windshield, rearview mirrors, or windshield wipers.

When you decide to take your car to be cleaned, consider getting a good auto detailing service. The difference between just cleaning the car and doing auto detailing is enormous. A simple car wash removes the dirt from the exterior of your vehicle. However, detailing includes using specialized tools and products to clean everything inside out. You will immediately notice the difference after it’s done.

2. Check car fluids

You don’t want to go on a long road trip without a reliable car. One of the essential tips for getting your vehicle ready for a road trip is to check car fluids. Change the oil if needed, and make sure that brakes, coolant, and windshield fluids are also good. Once you hit the highway, it will be challenging to get to a car repair shop or a mechanic if something goes wrong. It is better to take a proactive approach and take care of the care fluids on time.

3. Get your tires checked

When preparing your car for the trip, it is crucial to get your tires checked. Road safety is no joke. Over-inflated or under-inflated tires might lead to an accident and cost you or someone else their life. It is also not a good idea to rely on gas stations along the way. They might not have a pressure gauge. With that in mind, check the pressure in the tires before the road trip.

Furthermore, consider investing in summer tires and wider wheels. That is an excellent way to maximize the enjoyment of driving, especially during summer. You can either do it yourself if you are savvy enough or take the car to a mechanic.

Finally, check your spare tire as well. Never go on a road trip without it, especially a long one.

4. Inspect if all of the lights are working as intended

Another rule concerning safety when driving is to have all of the car lights working correctly. Checking car lights is easy to do, and it takes only a few moments, so don’t forget about it. You need to check car headlights, hazards, and turning signals.

While you are at it, check the horn as well. Then, if everything works well, you are ready to go knowing that the signalization works perfectly.

5. Do you have all of the road emergency equipment?

Those people who were lucky enough never had to use any of the road emergency equipment. However, not having it in your car is a serious problem. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need jumper cables, for example, but you don’t have them.

If you are not sure what emergency equipment you need, here is a little reminder:

  • a spare tire;
  • tripod jack;
  • wheel wrench;
  • a multipurpose tool kit for car emergencies;
  • flashlight with extra batteries;
  • jumper cables;
  • a compass;
  • reflective triangles;
  • a brightly colored cloth, in case you need to make your car more visible;
  • reflective vest;
  • a standard First Aid kit;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • car charger for your phone;
  • a map of the region;

It is also wise to prepare drinking water and high-energy snacks and have them at your reach. You might get tired after a long drive, and you must make sure to always stay hydrated and energized. But, of course, nothing is as good as sleeping or resting when tired from driving.

6. Check car batteries

Getting your vehicle road trip ready is not complete until you check car batteries. If they die on the road, you are in for some trouble. Remember, car batteries are more likely to stop working during summer. You should check them every three years. If needed, it is better to be on the safe side and replace them.

A couple of best practices

Besides these six tips, we want to go the extra mile and give you a couple of best practices to follow.

First, a summer road trip will not be a pleasant experience if your AC is not operational. So make sure that everything works fine before you hit the road.

Second, fill up your gas tank. It is good to do a little planning, so check the map and see where the gas stations are. Do some calculations, so you are sure you have enough gas to get you to the next gas station. While you are doing that, you can also plan rest stops.

Also, consider where you are going. If you are planning an international road trip and crossing water at some point, you will have to transport your car across. To ensure easy transfer of your vehicle, make sure your car is transport-ready, and contact professionals to schedule their services in advance. That will save you a lot of time.

Follow these tips for getting your vehicle road trip ready and never worry about a thing!

This list of tips for getting your vehicle road trip ready is simply a must. Do not skip any of the steps because you might regret it later. It is crucial to be prepared, especially for long rides. Once you have got it all covered, you can relax and enjoy the ride without having to worry about anything!


How to Get Proper Auto Detailing Service in Dayton Ohio

Before knowing how to get proper auto detailing service in Dayton Ohio it’s important to know something. Firstly the value of car detailing services is one that we cannot overemphasize due to several reasons. Chief among-st these reasons is the fact that your car deserves to have the best looks and quality. One of the most potent ways to achieve this is by getting your car cleaned or road grime and dirt inside out. Aside from getting your car as clean as possible, auto-detailing will also ensure that your car gets kept in the best possible condition and as such keep its value.

The greatest challenge with this service lies in the fact that it is not always easy to get one that would cover all the aspects of your needs. Knowing what to look out for will save you a lot of stress and waste of resources. Here are a few ways you can get a proper auto detailing service in Dayton Ohio. 

What Should You Know Before Choosing a Car Detailing Service?

Before you venture into engaging the services of an auto detailing service, you must deploy the right strategies for the best possible outcome. For instance, you may seek for the reviews of friends and family or look them up from the local directory. You need to know the packages and whether they have enough facilities. Here are a few things you should consider when you are choosing the ideal car detailing services.

The Features You Want for How to Get Proper Auto Detailing Service in Dayton Ohio

Depending on the features you need in your car detailing, you should be on the lookout for detailers who have what you want. If what you need are a simple vacuum and car wash, you may consider focusing your energy on one that offers modest services.


Several times, car detailing services will special days set aside. What this means is that some of them may set aside a day to give discounts for specific reasons or people. In a situation where you qualify for such kinds of benefits, you may end up saving reasonable amounts of money. Don’t be so conscious of the cost that you fail to consider the quality of the service they offer.

Look Out for Reviews

There are several ways to verify the quality of service offered by the auto detailing company. One powerful avenue for ascertaining this is through reviews online especially with people in your area. people put their opinions online regardless of the nature of their comments. This is so because of the anonymity which the internet offers. Also, the internet gives you a potent avenue to get the needed recommendations for the best performance.

General Considerations for How to Get Proper Auto Detailing Service in Dayton Ohio

Irrespective of what your needs may be, you should be able to get the ideal car detailing service in Dayton Ohio. Also, if you want to keep using the car detailing service you will find out that some may even offer you reasonable discounts for being a regular.

Thus, before you begin using the services of any auto-detailing service, you must ask the manager to charge pertinent questions that would affect the output.


What Does Auto Detailing Mean? Explained

Auto detailing would be better appreciated if there is a better understanding of what it stands for. Some people wonder what differences exist between car washing and car detailing as well. It is quite understandable that for people who aren’t car enthusiasts, the difference that exists between them is not much significant. All car owners should consider getting their cars detailed as soon as possible and quite often. This is to ensure that their car is looking as good as possible always.

In a bid to help you better understand what auto-detailing and it’s benefits; we will outline what you should expect when you opt to get your car detailed.

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto-detailing means getting your car cleaned using specialized products and tools and usually, a detailer will carry out some light cosmetic touch-ups because, this process does not entail body repairs and paintwork. Car detailing entails reconditioning and cleaning the exterior and interior of your car. The purpose of this is to ensure the restoration of the paintwork by removing the swirl or scratches to make your car look close to new.

What a simple car wash does is to remove the dirt on the exterior of your car. Also, when cleaning the interior, you may get rid of some dirt, but car detailing goes some steps further for perfection. Each detailed car gets polished, vacuumed thus making it perfect to get showcased in a showroom. Because there aren’t pre-set guidelines, you will come across several variances in the services included in complete detail.

What Differentiates Auto Detailing and Car Wash?

Having understood what car detailing is all about, it is imperative to understand the differences that exist between auto detailing and car wash. A normal car wash only covers a part of the cleaning that you will get from a detail. This is why car washing only achieves a fraction of what detailing accomplishes.

Most car washes take between ten and twenty minutes to get dried after washing. A Typical car wash can get done by machines and hands. A car wash also tends to be a superficial cleanse, auto detailing is more thorough.

Exterior Auto-Detailing

This starts with a thorough exterior wash which gets aimed at removing as much dirt as possible. This gets done by allowing the soap to foam while the mud and dirt get softened and removed from the surface. The next step involves using special brushes and wheel cleaning products.

The detailer proceeds to remove all the filth and dust from the wheels, lug nuts, and brake calipers. The wheels are often the dirtiest component of the car.

Upon cleaning the wheels, the paintwork gets washed and dried using soft microfiber towels and wash mitts. Next, come the polishing and waxing.

Interior Car Detailing

All upholstery within the car must get shampooed and vacuumed to remove the dirt and stains. If the car has leather-work, it should get conditioned and then scrubbed to remove the dirt inside. Vinyl and plastics are also dressed and cleaned.

So, we can say Auto-detailing is always comprehensive and thorough especially if it gets done by someone competent.


Benefits of Getting Auto Detailing Service

Every car deserves to get treated right and one of the best ways to treat your car right is by getting the best auto-detailing service around. A better understanding of the inherent benefits of this service should help serve as a stronger motivation to get them done. Carrying out a total car detailing should help get our car back to the best possible condition. Benefits of Getting Auto Detailing Service Are briefly discussed below :

Unique Benefits of Getting Auto Detailing Service

As opposed to the car wash which focuses on the surface of the car alone, car detailing extends to the lifespan and quality of the vehicle. In other words, it extends to all service beyond the standard cleaning.

Retained Value

Ensuring your car gets kept in good condition will ensure that the value of your car gets restored or maintained. This is particularly so for classic or older cars especially if you are considering selling your car in the future. Car washes cannot give you the same value in this regard. A good detailing service should help restore your car to its original beauty while also increasing its resale value.

Protection from the Elements

When you buy a new car, it will come with a clear coat that will get installed over the paint on its exterior. The purpose of this is to help shield your car from the elements. This clear coat will begin to depreciate as it gets exposed to sun and rain and if detailing is not done, it will affect the way the car looks. During auto-detailing, the exterior of your car will get waxed to prevent the paint of your car from fading or peeling.

It will Help to Remove Debris and Dirt from Your Car

Even though you may be able to vacuum clean your car on your own, chances are that you will not be able to remove every one of the dust, dirt, and debris contained therein. A professional auto-detailer gets trained to bring the best out of the interior of your car by cleaning it and removing all blemishes by using leather, cloth, and carpeting within your car. Doing auto-detailing means you will be getting every single crevice, crack in your car cleaned out.

Benefits of Getting Auto Detailing Service for Removing of Damaging Contaminants

After you must have gotten your car washed of all forms of dirt and hand dried using a microfiber towel you must remove all surface contaminants that remain on the paint of the car. Such substances such as tar and sap have a way of clinging to the cover layer of the paint of the car and as such damage it. This can go further to expose the colored base-coat to the elements if it is not addressed.