Trim Restoration

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Trim Restoration, Dayton


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Have you noticed the change in your car’s exterior lately? It’s now looking faded, aged, and unattractive. But that shouldn’t be the case. With the expert Trim Restoration, you can breathe life over your car’s exterior. Auto Detailing Dayton Ohio, offers professional trim restoration on all kinds of vehicles. We know that car’s exterior surfaces are likely to fade following exposure to UV rays from the sun. The rays can make vibrant colors super dull and grey.

Our award-winning Trim Restoration is tailored to suit your budget and restoration needs. We use the latest trim restoration products to renew the color, appearance, and shine of any car’s rubber and plastic portion. Our trim services are unique, as we don’t only restore your vehicle’s shine and color. We’ll give your car an extra layer of protection against future fading. So, waste no time, get in touch with us.

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