Using Your Car to Move House – Things to Consider

Two people packing moving boxes into a car, representing using your car to move house.

Using your car to move house – things to consider

When people see the cost of hiring professionals, they often consider whether moving on their own is a better option. If you have the time and the energy to spare and have someone help you with more oversized items, you can manage to have a reasonably decent relocation. And, more often than not, this means that you’ll be using your car to move house. But, while this may seem like a straightforward decision, you must keep some important aspects in mind.

Questions to ask before using your car to move house

Not every move is suitable for a DIY attempt. Even if it seems that you have a large vehicle, ample prior experience, and the necessary relocation tools, some relocations are simply too complicated. Yes, they may seem straightforward when you plan them out. But, the more complex a move is, the more things there are that can go wrong. So, before you tackle your relocation with the confidence brought by lack of research, first consider the following questions.

Where are you moving to?

If you are moving your home long-distance, using your car for transport is pretty much out of the question. While you will probably use your car to drive yourself to your new destination, you cannot expect to move all of your items.

Remember, we are talking about a complete home relocation here. If you were hiring movers to help you, they would probably use a truck, or maybe even two, depending on the volume of your items. Whatever the case may be, you cannot possibly hope to relocate all those items by car. The process of doing so would take you multiple back-to-back trips. And by the end, the cost of fuel alone would outweigh the cost of hiring movers. Add to this the time spent driving long-distance and unloading items on your own, and you will soon see why using a car to relocate to a long-distance home is a bad idea.

If, on the other hand, you are moving somewhere local, you can consider using your car. If the drive between your current home and the home you are moving to is less than 30 minutes, you can hope to relocate within a weekend. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you study the road carefully and consider how arduous it will be to reload and unload your car multiple times.

What kind of car do you own?

The type of your car pretty much dictates whether or not you’ll be able to use it for relocation. A small city car may be practical to park. But, it is far from ideal for relocation. A good family caravan, or even better a pickup, is the car you are looking for when it comes to moving. It needs to be strong enough to haul your items, as in certain instances, they can weigh quite a bit. And it needs to be spacious enough so that you don’t have to take too many trips.

Now, theoretically, you can use a small car to relocate. But, this is only if you are dealing with a relatively small move. Here, you may be able to properly pack your items and ensure safe relocation. But, even if it is a small move, it still needs to be local if using your car is going to be cost-efficient. Sometimes hiring experts makes sense, even if you feel that you have the necessary tools to tackle your relocation.

What about packing?

Proper packing is essential for any relocation. Whether you are relocating down the street or you are moving to a new state, it is paramount that you pack your belongings properly. Unfortunately, when people decide to DIY their relocation, packing is usually subpar. Even if they follow a detailed guide, there are simply too many aspects to keep in mind if you are a rookie. For instance, if you pack your belongings too early, you will force yourself to live surrounded by boxes. But, if you start packing too late, you will significantly add to your moving stress. Furthermore, it is just as important to prepare your car for moving as it is to prepare your items. So, all in all, there is a lot to keep in mind.

Here, again, you can make your relocation a whole lot easier by having your movers pack your items for you. Most moving companies usually offer a discount when you get both their packing and transport services. Once you consider that you not only have to pack your items but also get all the necessary packing supplies, this starts to sound like a good idea.

What happens if something goes wrong?

The one thing that people often forget to factor in when deciding whether to use their car for relocation is what happens if something goes wrong. In the case of working with a moving company, the answer to this question is pretty simple. If you have proper coverage, the company will pay for damages. But, if you are moving on your own, you and you alone are to blame if something goes amiss.

Keep in mind that it is not just your items that can get damaged. If you pack poorly or drive carelessly, your car can easily suffer substantial damage. And, while we are more than happy to provide you with car detailing, here we are talking about something entirely different.

Final thoughts

Using your car to move house can be a viable solution. But, you need to have the right vehicle. You need to know how to prepare both it and your items for relocation. Also, you need the time and energy to tackle your relocation with due care. And you need your new home to be nearby. Anything besides that, and you are better off simply hiring professional movers and sparing yourself the trouble of a DIY move.

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